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Illumicrate Unboxing

Starfall Special Edition Box by Illumicrate

Starfall Special Edition Unboxing

The Illumicrate Starfall Edition Box

I ordered the Starfall special edition box very quickly after the announcement was made as I was sure it was going to be super popular! There were two different versions depending on whether you wanted A Court of Frost and Starlight in paperback or hardback, which I think was an awesome move by Illumicrate! The hardback version sold out very quickly but luckily they managed to restock a few extras shortly after the initial rush. A second batch, which would be delivered a little later than the first, was offered but without the publisher extras. Again, they all sold out!

My slightly controversial opinion is that I am very glad that Illumicrate didn’t hold all of the boxes until mid May in order for them to all to go out together, which they were considering. For the late purchasers there has been a greater chance of spoilers but I feel it would have been unfair to those who purchased early with the understanding that they were being released as soon as the book was published. Sufficed to say that a lot of Maas fans have had their faces glued to windows waiting for their book box delivery! So was it worth the wait?


Also included in the box were a thank you note from the author and a lovely metal bookmark. The were the exclusive publisher items. Sparrow and Wolf also included a 15% discount code for their store.

The Starfall Cloth Items

Firstly, let’s talk about the cloth items. I love the book sleeve. It is clearly very high quality and well padded. On one side there is a map of Prythian and on the other there are some very pretty constellations. It was a lovely touch that the book was protected inside it for delivery. I also love the the tote bag. The design is absolutely gorgeous, it is a great size and is very high quality. The scarf design is very eye catching and bright. I personally really like it although I can see that it might not be to everyone’s taste. The scarf is perfect for spring as it is fairly narrow and made from a very smooth, cooling fabric. The socks are slightly big but I love the design, they are a really nice addition to the box. They also happen to be my favourite colour!

The Starfall Staple Items

Secondly, the usual book box suspects. Enamel pins frequently make an appearance in book boxes and this Fable and Black set is amazing. I love the two separate halves for ‘Stars Eternal’ and ‘Night Triumphant’. It will be going straight onto my pin banner. I’m always worry about putting nice pins on bags or clothes as I’m scared they will pull off and be lost forever.

Another regular feature is a candle. I have heard great things about Two Candle Thieves but personally I’ve never owned one of their candles before. The dual colours are very pretty. The scent is beautiful and consists of black tea, musk rose and dark fruits. You can definitely smell the sweet undertones of the dark fruits. It is definitely my favourite candle I’ve ever received in a book box.

The lipbalm is a lovely consistency and the perfect pocket size. I think that everyone loves the artwork on the Starfall print! The artwork on the enamel mug is also lovely. It is my first ever enamel mug and I think it is so much nicer than a lot of ceramic mugs. This one is definitely going to be displayed rather than used. I might put my bookmarks in it.

The Unusual Starfall Items

The tarot cards and traditional deck of cards, with alternative artwork, are really interesting additions to the box! For me, the deck of cards is more useful as I very occasionally play card games so it is nice to have a pretty deck. The artwork is lovely on both. The enamel necklace isn’t pictured as it was missing from my box but was sent to me promptly by Illumicrate customer services when I let them know. The necklace is of black, enamel wings, so you can make all the wing-span jokes you want to! It is not what I would call an ‘everyday’ necklace but it is fun and will come out for the right occasion.

My Thoughts

I think that the Starfall special edition is an amazing box. The designers that were chosen include some of my bookish favourites. I am yet to find designs by Ink & Wonder and Charlie Bowater that I don’t like. They also included a lot of companies that I hadn’t come across before! Secondly, what a fantastic mix of items! There are some traditional favourites such as a book sleeve, tote bag and mug, mixed in with more unusual, yet awesome, items like the card deck and enamel necklace. You know that it is a winning box when you would have happily bought many of the items yourself given the chance!

I think the Starfall special edition is excellent value for money, particularly as if you ordered items from shops like Ink & Wonder yourself you would have a hefty delivery charge on top of the cost of the item. The box is a huge success and I will definitely be buying Illumicrate’s special edition boxes in the future! I have a feeling that they are going to be hard to beat.

Did you get the Illumicrate Starfall special edition box? What did you think?

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