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Halloween Gifts

Five for Friday – Halloween Gifts

Happy Weekend!

Halloween isn’t usually a gift giving event. There are so many really cool seasonal items though that I wanted to share some of my favourites with you for ‘Five for Friday’. You might have had a really long week and deserve to get yourself a little gift after all…. So without further ado here are some of my top picks!

Little Black Cat Candle

Harper’s Candles are AMAZING. I have bought quite a few now and they burn so well. I hate it when you spend money on candles and despite following all the instructions it still funnels, leaving a lot of wasted wax. If you don’t already know how to make the most of your candles then before burning always remember to trim the wick down and on the first burn make sure you allow enough time for the candle to melt all the way across! Harper’s candles always last for ages and the scents fill the room without being too strong. I love the Lavender Lullaby before bed. I have an experimental candle from one of their pop up stalls called Supernova, which smells just like Snow Fairy from Lush! Another great scent is Little Black Cat, which is a seasonal speciality. The scent is described as “Dark hedgerow sloes with brambles and elderberries” and I think is perfectly themed for Halloween! They do have other candles perfect for the occasion including the tropical scented Zombielicious and Never Mind the Pumpkin, which is scented with spiced pumpkin & baked apple. Harper’s Candles are completely cruelty free and vegan, making them the perfect gift for everyone. Yes, especially you!

Shop: Harper’s Candles Limited

Small Skull Book Sleeve

Book sleeves are a must for any avid reader. I only discovered they existed a year ago and now own multiple sleeves in different sizes. Invented to protect your books from wear and tear whilst you travel book sleeves are 100% worth the investment. There are numerous shops online where you can buy a book sleeve but a particular favourite of the book blogger community is Melvis Makes. Melanie is based in the UK but ships worldwide and you would be hard pressed to find cuter sleeves of the same high quality anywhere else. She offers custom orders as well as having a selection all ready to go. Her small skull book sleeve is really cool and perfect for your spookier reads! She also has witches hats and dragon eyes if you prefer something a little more fantastical!

Book Sleeve, Halloween Theme

Shop: MelvisMakes

Twitter: @MelvisMakes

Halloween Beaded Bookmark

Another Halloween themed item that every bookworm needs is a bookmark! There are a lot of great shops that make bookmarks but I have a particular fondness for Lemoncharmbookmarks, created by fellow blogger Nikki.  The shop opened in summer this year and has a lovely selection of bookmarks. I found it so hard to pick just one! There are your usual Hogwarts house suspects as well as those themed on popular books and fairy tales. I find the Snow White charm awesome but still a bit creepy, see this Sunday’s post for clarification…. There is a special Halloween bookmark that I think makes the perfect addition to your collection and is a great little Instagram prop!

Halloween Bookmark

Shop: Lemoncharmbookmarks

Twitter: @Lemoncharmbooks

Fable and Black Moon Phases Pin

I love enamel pins. They are so cute! I always wanted to collect them but never really knew what to do with them until I received some cork bunting in a FairyLoot box. They now hang prettily next to my desk so I can admire them. It was a book box that first introduced me to Fable and Black items and I really love their designs. There are so many things in their shop that I would love to buy, especially all of their pins! It is one of those shops that I just can’t help perusing any time I am on Etsy. I knew that they would have some really cool Halloween items and I fell in love with their Moon Phases Enamel Pin as soon as I saw it. They are completely right when they say it has ‘witchy vibes’ but it also make me think about werewolves and other spooky shenanigans.

Enamel Pin Halloween Witch

Etsy Shop: Fable and Black

Shop Website: https://fableandblack.co.uk/

Instagram: @FableandBlack

Three Dark Crowns Print

Have you read the Three Dark Crowns series? I am still in the book hangover stage from the recently released book three Two Dark Reigns! The basis of the series is fantastic and gives you the best kind of dark fantasy vibes as you can see from the quote on the print. If you haven’t read the series so far then it would make for great reading as we approach the spookiest night of the year. My review for book one is here if you want to check it out. The Three Dark Crowns print is designed by Stella of StellabookishArt, another shop that I was introduced to by FairyLoot. Her designs are so gorgeous that I want to have them on every surface of my house! I will be definitely be doing a haul with my birthday money next month! There are so many designs I love and I 100% recommend you check her shop out. This gothic style print is one of my favourites:

Art, Book

Etsy Shop: StellaBookishArt

Instagram: @Stellabookishart

Spooky Vibes

I have spent a long time looking through Halloween themed items this year for quirky gifts as I am attending my first ever Halloween wedding! The couple were engaged at the Goth weekend at Whitby so I am expecting… the unexpected when it comes to their wedding day! I hope you have enjoyed my little gift guide of items I have come across in my search. It is really fun to look at the supernatural and spooky themed items at this time of year. Finding one cool item can lead you to discover shops that weren’t on your radar before. I find so many quirky designs around Halloween and I love all of the Gothic vibes. Do you have any go-to shops at this time of year? Have you ever attended a Halloween wedding?

*Please note that the pictures featured in this post are not my own and belong to their respective shop owners*

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