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The Aether Ones

Aether Ones – Blog Tour

Welcome to my spot on the blog tour for the Aether Ones by Wendi Coffman-Porter! Thank you to @WriteReadsTours for inviting me to take part and providing me with a digital copy for review purposes. The Aether Ones synopsis really hooked me and I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Aether Ones – Book cover


“Leilani Falconi is a top agent for the Imperial Investigative Service, tasked with policing the veil between two realities. Long ago, the Great Sundering tore the universe into two mirrored halves; aether space, which progressed using magical energy or eldrich, and kuldain, which advanced via electromagnetic technology.

But now a series of suspicious deaths stretching back more than a decade has the agent trapped directly between secretive bureaucracies and their peoples. If she can’t solve the mysterious crimes in time, existence as she knows it could erupt into chaos.”

My Thoughts So Far

Aether Ones is exactly the kind of Science Fiction-Fantasy novel that I enjoy. It has magic, technology, plenty of action and a strong protagonist. Despite not quite having finished the novel myself I am already thinking about friends who would really enjoy this book. I have been completely hooked into the mystery since the start of the novel when we find out that the main character is working under an alias.


Leilani is my kind of protagonist. She is cool headed when she needs to be, which is frequently as an ISS agent working undercover. When she is allowed to let her guard down Leilani is naturally a little hot headed and rather sarcastic. I really enjoy the humour in the book, probably because it reminds me of Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files. There is a lot more to Leilani than meets the eye, her age to start with. We learn very quickly that she is a complete bad ass and not to be trifled with! A big tick on the strong female character front.


The setting of the novel is very cool indeed. We find out early on that the universe has split into two after an explosive event called the ‘Great Sundering’. Aether and Kuldain are copies of each other but with two main differences. Only Aether contains pre-cataclysmic ancient ruins and the eldrich lines tying the planets together.

The world politics is really interesting particularly with both the military and royalty tangled up in the web. It is really interesting that the author grew up in a military family. The military aspects are noticeably very well written.

Aether Ones is an action packed novel and the protagonist is always on the move, which means there are a lot of different settings. I think the author does a really good job of introducing you to different environments quickly. I certainly don’t have a problem visualising where Leilani is and really like some of the smaller locations even if I would have like to have stayed there a little longer! There is certainly a lot of scope to explore.

My Thoughts

I am really enjoying Aether Ones and, as I mentioned earlier, am already thinking about friends who would enjoy the book too. There are so many aspects of this book that have me hooked and I can’t wait to finish it. I will obviously give you all a full review when I do! In the meantime, if you enjoy SFF books then definitely consider picking up a copy of Aether Ones for yourself.

Meet the Author

Wendi Coffman-Porter grew up an only child in a military family. She spent a lot of time as a child inventing new friends and sharing them with others. She began writing her stories down at the age of ten and by the time her first child was born she’d written her first novel. Her passion has always been the colourful canvas and creative freedom of fantasy and sci-fi. Be it roleplaying or writing in her office at home in Texas, with her pack of furry friends, she is always developing something new and colourful to share with others. Her fervour for incredibly rich realities that are as authentic as the ones outside your own window, is what drives her to constantly find out what’s happening around the next corner. Enabling her to reach a deep new understanding of the nature of life, no matter what form that life might take.

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    Ellie Rayner

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