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June 2020 Book Releases

Hello! June is upon us and that can only mean one thing – even more books for your TBR! June is a strange month for me as it is sandwiched between two of my most anticipated releases of this year. There is a great selection of new reads this month though. Here are my top five picks from June 2020 book releases to get you started.

Red Noise

Title: Red Noise

Author: John P. Murphy

Publisher: Angry Robot

Published: 9th June 2020

Genre: Science Fiction

Goodreads: Add Me!

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I initially discovered this book as Goldsboro had an exclusive hardcover edition. It has a really cool cover and is both signed and numbered (you can check it out here). On Station 35 an asteroid miner is looking to sell her cargo. Unexpectedly she finds herself in the middle of a three-way standoff with crooked cops and gangs. There is only one thing to do – break out the flamethrower.

Half Life

Title: Half Life

Author: Lillian Clark

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Published: 9th June 2020

Genre: Science Fiction (YA)

Goodreads: Add Me!

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This book sounds so intriguing. Sometimes the best competition is with ourselves but what happens when you still feel like you’re losing? Lucille is a perfectionist who spends all of her time preparing for the future rather than living in the moment. When a cloning company is recruiting beta tester Lucille thinks she finally has found the solution to her problems. Now she will have the time for a social life and to do all of the teenage things she has been missing out on. What happens when Lucille realises that maybe Lucy is living her life better than her?

You Should See Me In A Crown

You Should See Me in a Crown

Title: You Should See Me In A Crown

Author: Leah Johnson

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Published: 2nd June 2020

Genre: Contemporary (YA), LGBT+

Goodreads: Add Me!

Amazon: Affiliate Link

This is my LGBT+ pick for Pride month! I am really looking forward to reading You Should See Me In a Crown. The last thing that Liz wants to do is worry about being prom queen. All of the humiliating events, backstabbing and social media trolls… But when her financial aid falls through the scholarship that comes with winning the crown seems like her only option. Liz has never felt able to shine in her small, wealthy, mid-western town. She believes she is too black, too poor and too awkward to fit in. Now she needs to face her fear of stepping into the spotlight with the help of the new girl in school, Mack. Will Liz be able to follow her dreams of attending the uber-elite Pennington College? Or will falling for the competition throw a spanner in the works?

Forest of Souls

Title: Forest of Souls

Author: Lori M. Lee

Publisher: Page Street Kids

Published: 23rd June 2020

Genre: Fantasy (YA)

Goodreads: Add Me!

Amazon: Affiliate Link

Forest of Souls has been described as perfect for fans of Naomi Novik and the synopsis is definitely intriguing! Sirscha Ashwyn is determined to be somebody and has dedicated years of training to become a royal spy for the queen. When her best friend is killed her plans are derailed but Sirscha, somehow, brings Saengo back to life. She is the first soulguide in living memory and is summoned to the Dead Wood, realm of the Spider King. The ancient forest is wild and untamed, with souls possessing the trees and only Sirscha’s new abilities can contain them. She must master her new powers before the trees shatter the brittle piece and they claim Saengo, who she isn’t willing to lose again.

Love, Creekwood (Novella)

Title: Love, Creekwood

Author: Becky Albertalli

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Published: 30th June 2020

Genre: Contemporary (YA), LGBT+

Goodreads: Add Me!

Amazon: Affiliate Link

Becky Albertalli is back with more adventures from her Creekwood cast. Catch up with Simon, Blue, Leah and Abby as they begin their college lives. Separated from each other they have to navigate their romances and friendships online. Simon’s relationship first began via e-mail and I’m looking forward to seeing how things have changed. With many people separated from their loved ones, this is a timely novella about staying together whilst apart. A perfect pick up for Pride month!

Which June 2020 book releases are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below!

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